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Many children are affected by behavioural and developmental problems, such as ADHD, autism and poor social communication / interaction skills. Dr Wagh is a Canberra paediatrician renowned for his compassion, patience and knowledge of child behaviour.

A Behavioural and Developmental Paediatrician in Canberra

Dr Wagh is an experienced behavioural and developmental paediatrician in Canberra. Located in Bruce, Dr Wagh diagnoses and treats a wide range of behavioural and developmental conditions in children and adolescents. You’ll find Dr Wagh and the team at CBR Paediatrics to be patient, compassionate and highly knowledgeable.

A child exhibiting signs of a behavioural or developmental condition will usually come to the attention of a concerned parent / guardian or school teacher. As a leading paediatrician in Canberra, Dr Wagh is able to assess all aspects of your child’s behaviour and development in the context of their home and school environment.

Dr Wagh and his team diagnose and treat the following behavioural and developmental concerns:-

  • Behavioural issues
  • Social communication and interaction skills
  • Play behaviour
  • ADHD
  • Learning difficulties
  • Autism
  • Developmental delay
  • Poor school performance

Although it’s normal for children to misbehave or “struggle” from time to time, ongoing issues should be assessed by a General Practitioner (in the first instance) or a paediatrician in Canberra.

Please Note: you can see a paediatrician in Canberra without a referral; however, you won’t get a refund from Medicare. If you’d like to engage Dr Wagh’s services, we recommend that you get a referral from your regular doctor (GP).

Behavioural and Developmental Concerns Explained

The following behavioural and developmental conditions are diagnosed and treated by Dr Wagh – a Canberra paediatrician with over 14 years’ experience.

Behavioural issues

Behavioural issues at school or home can be challenging for teachers and parents alike. Behavioural issues take many forms and can be temporary or longer lasting. A child with behavioural issues requires assessment by a paediatrician to pinpoint the problem/s.

Social communication and interaction skills

A lack of social communication and interaction skills can hinder a child’s development – particularly when they go to school. There are many reasons why a child could be struggling to communicate, socialise or express themselves.

Play behaviour

Play is a voluntary, unstructured activity – leading to fun and enjoyment. Children that struggle to play (whether in a group or on their own) are at risk of delayed social, emotional and cognitive development.


ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects one in twenty Australian children. Symptoms include hyperactivity, impulsivity, distractibility and poor concentration. ADHD is treatable.

Learning difficulties

Children with learning difficulties typically struggle with reading, writing and / or mathematics at school. Learning difficulties can be caused by many things, including psychological issues, hearing loss, eyesight problems and dyslexia.


Autism is a developmental disorder that makes social communication and interaction difficult for sufferers. Approximately one in seventy people suffer from autism. Many children diagnosed with autism can lead successful and fulfilling lives following treatment.

Developmental delay

A developmental delay may be attributed to a child who is behind their peers in some form, such as language and speech, social skills, cognitive ability and / or motor skills. A paediatrician is required to deal with a developmental delay, which may have an underlying medical cause.

Poor school performance

Poor school performance is a worry for most parents. A child performing poorly at school could have an underlying medical condition (dyslexia, ADHD, etc), suffer from a sleep disorder or be under some form of psychological stress (bullying, problems at home).

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