Chronic Complex Care

CBR Paediatrics provides the overarching care and coordination required for chronic complex conditions. Chronic complex conditions involve multiple medical issues that last for more than 6 months. Chronic complex conditions include cancer, diabetes, heart disease and cerebral palsy.

Paediatric chronic complex conditions are conditions that last longer than six months and involve two or more medical conditions.

Chronic complex conditions include diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases, cerebral palsy, congenital and chromosomal abnormalities or severe epilepsy. Optimal treatment for one of these conditions may interfere with the optimal treatment for another condition – complicating recovery after surgeries, acute illnesses or hospitalisation.

If your child has a complex or chronic medical condition, their treatment will involve more than one subspecialist from a tertiary hospital, as well as several different allied health personnel.

Due to these multiple providers and complex care needs, a Paediatrician can be pivotal in providing overarching care to ensure good care coordination of all the health services your child requires.

We are highly experienced in providing coordinated ongoing care for children with a wide range of chronic complex conditions.

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